Ultra-Slim Bidet for Toilet Seat


Stay clean with our Ultra-Slim Bidet! Our affordable toilet seat attachment comes water temperature. If the temperature is too low, the user can adjust it to fit his personal preference.

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Please choose the Connector Size for Your Pipe:

  • As Au Standard 1/2 (Applicable to United Kingdom, Russia, Australia, and Asian countries, such as China, Palestine, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, etc.)
  • Eu standard 3/8 (Applicable to Europe, such as France, Spain, Germany, Italy, etc.)
  • North American 7/8 (Applicable to the United States, Canada, Mexico, etc.)

Included Components

Hose + T-adapter + Bidet Attachment.

Multi Functional Comfortable Bidet

Rotate to the left or right, it can adjust and control the water pressure while starting the bidet, which is very convenient. When the bidet is in use, the nozzle extends downward to spray water, and the nozzle automatically shrinks to its original position after being closed. Protect the nozzle to the greatest extent, and ensure to provide a cleaning conditions during use.

High Quality Accessories

Now the bidet is generally ceramic valve, the service life is limited. In order to prolong the use time, giving full play to the maximum value of the bidet, bidet has a comprehensive upgrade of the bidet. Frist, the interior is upgraded to brass valve and brass water inlet. Second, the fittings were also changed to brass T-type adapters, braided steel cold water hose instead of traditional plastics.

Connector Size for Your Pipe (Read Description)

1/2, 3/8, 7/8